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Musk & Amber Fragrances

Musk and Amber fragrances are classical compositions that are enjoyed across the world. We offer a unique selection of light and heavy musk and amber fragrances. Our Amber White® fragrance is one of our most popular fragrances. It is a soft, long lasting, refreshing amber aroma. Some of the other popular musk and Amber compositions are Vanilla musk, Red musk, White musk, Himalayan musk, Amber Liquid, Black Amber liquid, and many others.
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Attractive Aluminum bottles, great for display!

Plastic bottles, easy to refill from into smaller bottles
African Musk       
Amber (Amber White)       
Amber Gold       
Amber Liquid       
Amber Liquid Superior       
Amber Solid       
Black Amber Liquid       
Black Musk       
Green Musk       
Habshoosh Musk       
Himalayan Musk       
Misk Al Saher       
Musk 2000       
Musk Amber 500       
Musk KLT       
Musk Supreme       
Nemat Egyptian Musk       
Nemat Vanilla Musk       
Nemat's White Musk       
New Egyptian Musk       
Nile Musk       
Nubian MuskTM       
Red Musk SuperiorTM       
Red MuskTM       
Rizwan Musk       
Superior Egyptian MuskTM       

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