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Special blend of vegetable oils and essential oils that can be used for massage or as a lotion
Caring Hands Massage and Lotion oils are formulated with an enriching blend of vegetable oils and essential oils. The vegetable oils have fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and proteins that are essential for healthy skins. Essential oils are used for their aroma therapeutic values. The special blends of vegetable oils are excellent for massage and for use as skin nourishing lotions. The non-greasy formulations will leave your skin feeling relaxed, smooth and silky. All of the formulations contain natural vitamin E as an antioxidant and are 100% natural with no parabens, no phthalates, no glycols and no synthetic preservatives.
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Active Massage Oil    
Ayurvedic Massage Oil    
Deep Relaxation Massage Oil    
Radiant Skin Massage Oil    
Rejuvenate Massage Oil    

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