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Fresh And Floral Fragrances

This category has a number of classical floral aromas and blended variations of the same. A number of different rose fragrance and Jasmine fragrance combinations are presented. For example, Rose SJ is more fresh and diffusive, whereas Ruh Gulab has a more petal like aroma. Mogra is similar to the aroma of Jasmine Sambac whereas Jasmine flower is more similar to Jasmine Grandiflorum. In addition to the classic Rose and Jasmine fragrances, there are a number of other unique floral fragrances such as Gardenia, Kewda, Magnolia, Narcissus, Lotus, Lilac, Lavender, Nag Champa, Neroli, and many others. We have also created some exquisite blends such as Rose AmberTM and Rose Musk to complement the range of floral aromas.
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Attractive Aluminum bottles, great for display!

Plastic bottles, easy to refill from into smaller bottles
96 Ruh Gulab        
96 Ruh Kewra        
Black Rose        
Champa Flower        
Golden Flower        
Jasmine B        
Jasmine Flower        
Katchi Kali        
Kewra Flower        
Lotus Supreme        
Mogra (Indian Jasmine)        
Nag Champa        
Nargis (Narcissus)        
Nine Flower        
Red Rose        
Rose AmberTM        
Rose Damascus        
Rose Musk        
Rose Otto        
Rose SJ        
Rose Wardia        
Ruh Al Ward        
Ruh Gulab Sandali        
Sweet Jasmine        
Tea Rose        
White Lilac        

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