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Taj Mahal Roll on Fragrances


Compact two tier rack for attractive display and merchandising

Taj Mahal inspired attractive gift box packing

Small roll-on bottles that are easy to carry

Taj Mahal Roll on fragrances are high quality fragrances that come in attractively packaged roll on applicator bottles. Ten of our popular fragrances are available in the Taj Mahal series. The compact display and storage unit can be placed near the check out counter or in the fragrance section. All the fragrances have unique UPC codes on the box.

Taj Mahal Roll on Start up Pre Pack

Fragrances: All of the 10 fragrances listed below.
Capacity: Bottles have a nominal capacity of 1/6oz (5ml).
Quantity: 5 each of the 10 fragrances for a total of 50 perfume bottles.
Display: A two tiered wooden rack with built in perfume oil tester bar.
Easy to START
Order prepack shown above. The unit comes stocked with perfume oil. Unpack box and set up on your table. No assembly required.
Easy to SELL:
Built in perfume tester bar allows customers to smell the fragrance and purchase the product.

In 4.5 ml Roll On Bottle
Amber Perfume Oil $10.50 ea.
Egyptian Musk Perfume Oil $10.50 ea.
Himalayan Musk Perfume Oil $10.50 ea.
Jasmine Perfume Oil $10.50 ea.
Lavender Perfume Oil $10.50 ea.
Lotus Perfume Oil $10.50 ea.
Narcissus Perfume Oil $10.50 ea.
Sandal Wood Perfume Oil $10.50 ea.
Vanilla Musk Perfume Oil $10.50 ea.
White Musk Perfume Oil $10.50 ea.

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