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Fragrances For Soaps

Fragrances and Essential oils for Soaps: For Fragrances, Based on our and our customers experience we have selected a few of the fragrances from our product list that work well in a soap formulation. But, because soap formulations vary from company to company we strongly recommend that you first try a small batch and see how well the fragrance mixes and remains stable within your formulation. It is also important to note that the fragrance odor characteristics may change when blended with the soap formulation.
 Product   Weight - Price  
96 Ruh Gulab (Rose) SF    
Amber White SF    
Egyptian Musk SF    
Garden of Heaven SF    
Jannat un Naeem 500 SF    
Jasmine B SF    
Lilac SF    
Lotus Supreme SF    
Magnolia SF    
Majmua SF    
Narcissus SF    
Rose Damascus SF    
Sandalwood SF    
Vanilla SF    
White Musk SF    

Essential oils For Soaps

 Product   Weight - Price  
Chamomile oil (Blue)    
Champaka Absolute    
Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute    
Jasmine Sambac Absolute    
Lavender Essential Oil    
Rose Absolute    
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil    

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