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Metal Shell, Refillable Perfume Atomizers

Item Type: Metal Shell, Refillable Perfume Atomizers

Name: GBAtomizer10mlSilverHeart

Item Description: Silver Colored metal shell with gold hearts refillable atomizer. There is a glass bottle inside that can be refilled. Capacity of glass bottle is 10ml (1/3oz). Spray top screws onto the glass bottle. Travel size, easy to carry.

Price :
1 pcs - $3.40
12 pcs - $36.72
144 pcs - $411.26
400 pcs - $1,088.00

Item Capacity: 10ml (1/3oz)

Item Height: 3 1/2inches (88 1mm)

Item Diameter: 9/10 inches (23 1mm)

Weight: 15999

Closure Type: Slip On Top

Neck Finish: 18/415


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