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Decorative perfume bottles with tassel Caps

Item Type: Decorative perfume bottles with tassel Caps

Name: GBTslSunflower

Item Description: 1/4 oz circular bottle with sunflower embossed design with Blue tasseled Gold cap. These are handmade/semi automatic machine made bottles and therefore the capacity is approximate, it can vary from bottle to bottle.

Price :
1 pcs - $2.64
12 pcs - $30.10
144 pcs - $342.14
500 pcs - $1,122.00

Item Capacity: 7ml (1/4oz)

Item Height: 49 1mm (1.93 in.)

Item Height: 39 1mm

Item Thickness: 15 1mm

Weight: 12363

Closure Type: Golden metal screw cap

Mouth size: 3.1mm (0.12in.)

Neck Thread Size: 8mm


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