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Fragrances, Essential Oils & Incense in Wholesale Packing

Exquisite Perfume oils

Essential Oils & Absolutes

Fragrances & Essential Oils for Incense, Candles, Soaps and Potpourri

Incense Sticks


Decorative Perfume Bottles, Atomizers & Packaging Accessories

Perfume Vials, Bottles, Roll On Bottles And Decorative Glass Bottles

Perfume Atomizers, Sprayers, Aluminum Bottles & Cans

Perfume Accessories & Packaging

Cream Jars & Lotion Bottles


Fragrances, Essential Oils & Absolutes In Retail Packing

Kohinoor Fragrances

Taj Mahal Fragrances

Essential Oils & Absolutes


Lotions & Massage Oils

Massage Oils

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Nemat International® – Exquisite Perfumes, Bottles & Packaging

At Nemat International®, we are passionate about creating new, innovative fragrances and packaging. Our fragrances combine the traditional aspects of Indian perfumery with contemporary ideas. We work hard to develop exquisite fragrances, design new bottles and create elegant packaging solutions.

Nemat International makes and distributes high quality perfume oils, decorative perfume bottles, Essential oils and Absolutes, Charcoal Incense and Massage oils and Lotions. Our wholesale and bulk packaged products shown on this website are sold to other businesses only such as distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retail stores. Our packaged line of Fragrances, Essential oils, Charcoal Incense and massage oils are sold through a number of retail store chains and Spas. Our bulk fragrances are purchased by other manufacturers who use them in their own perfume blends or in cosmetic applications like lotions, creams, gels, etc. Our extensive range of decorative perfume bottles, atomizers, sprayers, perfume vials and packaging accessories are supplied to other distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retail stores.If you are looking for exquisite perfume oils, perfume bottles, perfume atomizers, beautiful gift packaging and bottle accessories at great wholesale prices, you have found the right place. Take a few minutes to browse our selection of Perfume oils, Essential oils, Incense, and Perfume bottles. We think you’ll be pleased with our selection, easy to use shopping cart, low prices and great service.

Customers who want to enjoy our Perfume oils, Eau de Parfums and massage oils for their personal use are requested to visit our website, has a large selection of our packaged line of products ranging from small sample sizes to larger daily use product size. The fragrance oils are also available in dab on and roll-on formats. Thank you for using our products and enjoying them!

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